Our Founders

Originally called Castroville Pottery, the business was founded by Tim and Gloria Kelley in July of 2008. Mr. Kelley, a native of Vermont, had always loved different kinds of arts and took his first pottery class in Castroville, at Lorna Francis’ house, which started a life-long friendship.

He loved pottery from the start and founded Castroville Pottery to share his love for it. He believed that everyone should have the opportunity to discover pottery and began converting his storage building into a working pottery studio, bought a kiln, and started making pottery.
The Kelleys eventually built a full pottery studio off of Fiorella Street, where Firebrand Pottery is located today.

Tim and Gloria met and became friends with The DeLaune family in 2018, and Tim’s love of pottery began, intriguing the couple. They started off as avid customers, giving the unique pottery to clients and family members. Over the years, Tim and Gloria, looking to travel more, knew that the DeLaune family would be the perfect fit to take their beloved pottery business to new heights.

Castroville Pottery founders family

Family Owned

Firebrand Pottery is owned and operated by Shannon and Holly DeLaune and their twins, Mason and Madison. Shannon oversees the business side of pottery, plus the glazing and firing of the kiln. Holly is involved in product development / production, sales and marketing.  Mason and Madison can be found in the summers sweeping, cleaning and greeting customers.

Artisan Made

The hand-crafted pieces are all created by the professional potter, Mark, whose talent for producing consistently beautiful artisan pieces is second to none.

Ty runs the gallery and also serves as a studio tech, doing anything from glazing to bisque firing. She is the friendly face that greets customers when they stop by the Castroville storefront.

To learn more about the process of how Firebrand Pottery is made, head to our process page or follow us on social media.

Why Firebrand Pottery?

When the DeLaune family purchases the pottery business in 2022, they began remodeling, not only the store, but the brand as well because they felt more people needed to know about this unique brand.


For years, the showroom was located in a small, historic building (originally the butcher shop in the early 1900’s) just 25 yards in front of the large, wooden pottery studio building. A desire to bring the entire operation, including the store, under one roof inspired a remodel of the studio building’s front room, which is now the Firebrand Pottery Showroom.

Inspired by Castroville’s Alsatian influence, the store transports you into a French country pottery store the moment you walk in. Now under one roof, customers can see firsthand where and how their pieces have been handcrafted.


Expanding the brand’s name recognition and popularity, outside of the local area was the deciding factor behind updating the name from Castroville Pottery to Firebrand Pottery. Expanding beyond the brick-and-mortar store on Fiorella Street, the new custom orders division of Firebrand Pottery works with interior designers, retail stores and corporations to create unique custom pieces for their individual needs, whether that is to sell products they helped design to customers or to give custom pottery as corporate gifts.


The name Firebrand was a natural fit, as it is also the name of Holly DeLaune’s marketing company (Firebrand Marketing) and seemed appropriate, since every piece is fired up to 2400 degrees in our kiln.

What hasn’t changed about the studio located in the heart of Castroville? Firebrand Pottery is still creating the same quality pieces that have been loved by customers for years. Now, more people than ever are discovering a brand dedicated to turning clay into a loved work of art.

THE Process

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